Fall in Spokane

The days are shorter and the morning time reveals frost on the ground, yes, it's fall again.  With the arrival of fall our obsession with pumpkins begins again.

With the cooler weather, there's nothing like being warmed up by some spicy Thai food. We sampled the Panang Curry and Drunken Noodles at Phonthip Style Thai Restaurant on the corner of Francis and Nevada. It was insanely delicious. The best Panang curry I've had West of the Mississippi. Go easy on the stars at this place because they're not messing around with the heat. And for our pumpkin lovers out there, they are currently offering Pumpkin Curry!  Sounds interesting.  Visit Phonthip Thai during the month of October and receive a free dessert with your meal purchase.

Thai Iced Tea

Spring rolls, panang curry with chicken and drunken noodles

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Abs of steal
Nothing quite like following up a good meal w/ trying on smelly, used costumes at Value Village. Just be sure to bring your hand sanitizer with you. 10 extra points for spotting the crazy "Cat Lady".

Eating what tastes good in the Inland Northwest