The Flying Goat

Having family from Louisville in town for the week, we wanted to show them some of the local favorites.  On Wednesday we went to The Flying Goat on NW Blvd for dinner.  I am partial to this neighborhood as it is my old stomping grounds.  I loved the decor and the outdoor fireplace. The parking situation was a bit of a turn off, as in, there's really no where to park.

The inside is that sort of I used to be a garage industrial yet homey feel that is so popular these days in Spokane.  They do have an impressive beer selection that either appeals to the rednecks from Elk moonlighting in Audubon (think PBR and Bud Light) or the pretentious beer snobs that gag down disgusting flavored beer all the while pretending to like it.  I'm a Blue Moon, Oberon, Stella sort of girl. I prefer my beer on tap. I was interested in an Amber Ale on draft from Northern Lights, but as usual, the beer menu was not updated and I was left to be disappointed with a replacement Amber beer that I found to be too bitter.  I pawned it off on my brother who drank it only because it was free beer.

The seating in this place is a tad awkward. We had a bigger party and were put right in front of the restrooms.  This was unappealing.  The food was alright.  It wasn't nearly as good as what I've heard, which makes me think that people are too generous with their compliments for restaurants trying to do something a little different.  For appetizers we ordered the homemade potato chips which were flavored with salt and vinegar. They were good but were definitely lacking that punch of vinegar that we were hoping for. We also ordered the Centennial Trail Bread, which was just cheese bread w/ marinara. The menu description made it out to be life changing, but sadly it wasn't.  We tried the McLellan Dumplings, which had a unique flavor texture combo.  These were probably my favorite thing and were washed down nicely w/ beer. They are dumplings made from house made sausage w/ roasted jalapenos and wrapped in dough and deep fried. Pretty delicious. We ordered a few pizzas, which were good. The crust was the selling point. They really could have been better for the price. If I'm going to eat overpriced pizza I'm going to eat Veraci, because really, its worth being overpriced. I felt their pizzas are trying too hard.  I did appreciate the fried egg on the Kiernan.  I ordered a Garland Chicken Sandwich that was just ok.  The addition of lettuce, which was definitely odd, made the bread soggy and really took away from the pesto. I had it with a side of the Guinness beef stew, which I would eat again but not w/ a pesto chicken sandwich.

I give them props for doing something different in Spokane, its also great to have a neighborhood beer joint to hang out at on the NW side.  Its definitely the kind of place to go to after work and grab a beer and some dumplings. I definitely wouldn't say I'm going to rush out and eat there again right away.  All in all it was decent. A little disappointing for all of the build up I have heard from everyone. If you want good food and beer go to Zola.  They are seemingly doing everything right, great location, great atmosphere, different food selection and a good choice of beers, but it just didn't do it for me.

After leaving, I thought it was fitting that my dad renamed this place to The Bloated Goat.

The Flying Goat
3318 W Northwest Blvd.

Spokane, Washington 99205
Sun - Thurs 11am-10pm

Fri-Sat 11am-11pm
509-327-TAPS (8277)

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Jon Skinner said...

I have mixed feelings about the Flying Goat. I was so excited too have a Pizza Pub open two blocks from my house. Their ties to Downriver Grill meant it was going to be done right... I thought. The pizza is for the most part pretty good. The beer selection is pretty good but as you said, rarely updated on the menu. "I love to gag down disgusting flavored beer all the while pretending to like it", so I'm always disappointed to find they are out of Cask conditioned Ale. Service is hit and miss and rarely great. Prices are to high for a Pub with this service food and drink.

jbchicoine said...

Ha! The Bloated Goat--that sounds just like your Dad, or anyone of your family, for that matter ;)